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Why YYL ?

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Here's why ​YYL is so Popular

  • YYL schedules all its Sunday games in the morning, at either 9 or 11am (historically in Paramus).  Boys and girls of all ages play in the same town, so YYL is a convenient option for parents who want to be able to predict their schedule and still watch all their children play and make carpools.

  • YYL has established itself as the standard bearer for youth sports in the Bergen and Passaic County area and parents regularly look to bring their children over from other leagues to ours. YYL is legendary as being a league that embodies teamwork, sportsmanship, and fun, encouraging growth and the proper values for children (and their parents). 

  • YYL is the only 'all Jewish' league of its kind in the area, and brings together families from every local yeshiva day school. This gives our children the opportunity to expand their circles a bit, while still seeing Torah values infused in their play.

  • YYL offers 5 divisions (Instructional, Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Boys, Senior Girls), giving entire families and groups of siblings a shared experience, including an annual family night out.

  • YYL understands that players are children, but is built each year with their older selves in mind. 

  • While registration is open, you can do it from the YYL homepage here. We look forward to seeing your family on the fields !

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שומר שבת

שומר שבת

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